Like the Minority of US Voters, I’m Choosing The Blue Pill


Theoretically, one should never say never, but as my mind stands right now, this will likely be my final post loosely based on the lying liar that a minority of voters chose to ascend to the office of President of the United States – Donald J Trump. It’s just my opinion, but most of those who voted for Trump took the blue pill on November 8. They chose to ignore the fact that their country is changing in a way that is unstoppable. They chose to ignore the fact that Trump lied over, and over, and over again. They chose […]

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Thoughts On The Election of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

I didn’t see it coming, but then I’m far from the only one who’s saying that today. I am quite convinced that the Trump camp themselves didn’t see it coming, which is why they built the voter fraud narrative around a month ago as a side dish to the ‘rigged system’ main course. Notice how nobody’s complaining about the rigged system now? Donald J Trump is the President-Elect of the United States. I take only very slight solace from the fact that he’s the fifth president in US history to lose the popular vote and still win the presidency via […]

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How many of you are exhausted now that we’re down to the last weekend before the election? I know I am. I’ve been watching this debacle since the primary season began and the only solace that I can take is at least it’s not my country that’s beating itself up – again. A few things that have happened recently…. This week, Donald Trump either twisted the truth or blatantly lied in his stump speeches about the following: the likelihood of an investigation into Hillary Clinton leading to charges, the number of emails under investigation, the destruction of emails, the Clinton […]

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The Outsider View of Hillary Clinton


I wrote a piece last week on Donald Trump so it’s only fair that I write a piece this week on Hillary Clinton, right? It should be noted that an hour or so before I began writing this article, the FBI announced that it has discovered a bunch of new emails that it considers may be relevant to the previously closed investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server. Consequently, the FBI is going to review these emails to see if any classified information is included and whether the emails appear relevant to the enquiries they’ve made previously. This […]

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Donald Trump and the End Game


NOTE: This is a long read. 3400 words. I tried a shorter version but it felt like I was selling the effort short. Sorry. —— If there’s one thing you can say about the western political landscape prior to 2008, it’s that we generally accepted the results of elections and got on with our lives. Here in Australia, we’ve had a bunch of contentious, polarising Prime Ministers over the years but we usually accepted our lot and got on with things after an election – until the sacking of Kevin Rudd in 2010. He was replaced by Julia Gillard after […]

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Please Support Jim’s Ride to Kill Cancer

sonett mass[1]

This feels kind of awkward. My basis for asking you all to support this ride in the past has been partly based on me working my ass off to provide you with entertaining material to read. I work, therefore I get tacit permission to ask you to help my friend Jim Coggeshall in a great cause. I haven’t worked my ass off on this site, this year. In fact, it was only seven blog posts ago that I asked you to support Jim’s ride in the 2015 Pan Mass Challenge. I haven’t exactly been idle in that time, but I’ve […]

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The Classic Car Market is Now Officially a Game for Mugs


I only started writing out my automotive bucket list 5 or so years ago. I’d owned a lot of Saabs in the years that I was writing about them and my attention started to wander. I bought my first Alfa 33. I bought an MX-5. I bought a few more Saabs and then, when the Muller-era at Saab came to an end, I turned my attention to all-things-but-Saab. I’ve been watching classic car prices ever since and for the most part, I didn’t see prices as being overly intimidating. I remember some time around 2012, I could have bought a […]

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Prince is dead


The greatest musician of my lifetime is dead. Prince Rogers Nelson was 57 when he was reported dead today at his home at Paisley Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I really don’t know what to say but I feel like I’ve got to say something because Prince has been the single biggest musical influence in my life. I didn’t notice the whole Purple Rain thing when it happened. I was a teenage headbanger at the time and some funny-looking fairy with frilly shirts didn’t exactly do it for me. How young and stupid was I? I was a little older when […]

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A Little Bliss


I often stand at the window of my sixth floor apartment with a cigarette and watch the people in the town square below. The reason for being there is the cigarette. The people-watching is just a fortunate byproduct. I like people more when I don’t have to interact with them or think about their acceptance. I’ve seen people moving into the public toilet to sleep for the night. The disabled stall is the one to go for. It’s bigger. Last night I heard a sound like running water and eventually noticed the silhouette of a girl squatting in the shadows […]

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