Another safety development in the pipeline

Have you ever engaged in ‘cognitive tunneling’?  No?

You probably have, but just never realised it.  Instances like trying to find the right CD in the glove box, trying to read the road map while you’re on the road, putting on the lippy on the way to work (for the ladies (hopefully!!)).

Saab are tackling the issue of cognitive tunneling with a safety system designed to monitor the driver’s eye movements whilst they’re on the road.  If your eyes stray too long from the central attention point then a buzzer will get your attention, followed by a quick pulse on the ESP braking system.

How do they do this?  Little infra-red cameras.  Big Brother Saab is watching you!!

The technology is in development in Sweden at the moment and has several other possible applications as well.  Courtesy of GM Media, the full story is available when you click on the following link.

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