Car PC? No problems

Ever dreamed of having a touchscreen PC in your car, with speech recognition, word processing, internet, email, TV – and of course – MP3 and DVD playback?

Dream no more.

Jouko’s done it all and the pics and how-to’s are all at his site

Add to that a bunch of performance and handling upgrades and this is one very customised C900.

Talk about taking your car to another level!!

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  1. yo whats up? hot site! kept it strictly saab baby!!! im a die hard saab fanatic.. i just got a 1992 saab 9000 CD turbo griffen edition and need sites, company names, numbers, shops, or anything realated to aftermarket saab parts —> saab steering wheel, shift knob, engine parts(computers), etc.. i wanna make this thing dip!!! i love that TV that guy put in his red 900!!! tell him to hit me up on where he got it so i can throw it in mine!!! and if its possible can i make my page and put it on this site? thanks later

  2. G’day Emil. 9000 Grif. Nice. wrt the PC/DVD/TV/everytang, I’d suggest you click on the link in the story and contact Jouko. I’ve had no contact with him myself so I’m afraid I can’t ‘hit you up’. State of Nine have some good aftermarket gear (I think). If you’re serious about heating things up under the hood, then look up Abbott Racing.

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