Good news soon

A little more critical opinion.  This from David Kiley of Businessweek.

Sorry, I’ll get to some good news soon enough.

This piece follows on from my post yesterday, on Saab’s continuing journey to find a sustainable place within the GM stable.  Unfortunately, the opinion of the writer isn’t particularly encouraging, though he makes a valid point:

Saab is an interesting brand. The cars are fast, sturdy and safe. They have some design character when the Swedes are actually allowed to start with a clean sheet of paper……… If Saab is going to be kept afloat by putting its badging on slightly changed Subarus and Chevys…excuse me…but what’s the point. (sic) And what does this brand stand for now. (sic) How "distinctively designed" are these cars if they are re-warmed Subarus and Chevys. (sic)

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