…at Bob Lutz’s blog, there are the sounds of tumbleweeds passing by on the issue of the possible sale of Saab.

But Bob is defending the Saab-ishness of the 9-7x.

It not only feels like a Saab, but looks like one too. We focused on fits and broke the mold in designing the front-end appearance. An integrated fascia on all-new front end sheet metal gives the truck a clean look with tight gaps and flush fits. A new chrome roof rack accepts existing accessories from the Saab portfolio.

Bob, Scania produces trucks.  Saab produces cars.

UPDATE:  Bob’s blog is mediated, and so far the gatekeepers have been over here 4 times to check out this blog since I left my comments.  As yet, my comments have not appeared on his blog.  From now on, if I post a comment at Bob’s blog, I’ll post a copy of the comments here too.

By the way, Hi Bob!!  If you’re wondering, I am really sceptical about the path Saab is taking.  I understand the 9-2x and 9-7x are bridges (At least I hope they are) and I also understand that at the end of the day, you’ve got to make money.  Saab stayed alive via innovation, not by being the same as everyone else.  That’s my overriding concern.  So if I’m on your back, it’s only because I care.  OK?

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  1. I’ve tried to post there a few times. I keep getting blocked out. I have asked questions directly of Lutz and apparently the staff at Fastlane wants to control the flow. Very unblog like.

    Today I asked him why his blog goes down in the weeds so much — drive trains, and other things that a working mother of three doesn’t really worry about? I am a mass market customer and I don’t understand why GM comes up with such junky names for their cars — Terrazza? Aztek? Lucerne? Maybe my question didn’t make it b/c it might expose GM’s weakness in branding. Something they spend tens of millions a year on.

    Maybe Bob should open some threads that let anyone comment. Would GM really dare do that?

  2. My first comment on Bob’s blog took 3 or 4 days to appear (but that included a weekend), so have no fear, it may get there.

    I’d imagine being a blog representative of the corporate VC, they ahve to moderate for people flaming etc. This is standard fare. Even Mark Cuban has his comments moderated.

    They should appear within several hours of being made though. I commented this morning on the 9-7 and at my last check, they weren’t in there yet, though my trackback was, which is good.

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