Saab 9-7x

I’ve been writing the last few posts about the various troubles faced by Saab fitting in to the GM family of car companies.

One of the vehicles that GM are hoping will crack the all-important US market is the Saab 9-7x.  In essence, it’s a rebadged Chevy Trailblazer.  Word has it that Saab USA will also release a smaller SUV in 2006 based on another Subaru platform, the B9 Tribeca.

The big unit will be moved along by a 5.3 litre V8, giving out 300hp and 330lb-ft of torque.  It’s AWD (duh), has 18 inch alloys and ABS.

Autoblog reviewed the model at the Detroit Motor Show and received some comments indicating some interest amongst the punters.  There’s no plans to release this model here.  It’s for the North American markets only, so I guess this is all froth and bubble as far as we’re concerned.

The car certainly looks chunky from the outside and keeps the nose in theme with the rest of Saab’s lineup.  Under the hood it’s all Chevy by the sounds of things, however the interior (click to enlarge) does manage to use Saab switching and retains the themes currently seen in the 9-3 and 9-5.

Here’s hoping it excites the appropriate people in the US markets and chalks up some good sales figures.  With pricing under US$40,000 and servicing plans on offer, Saab are offering plenty of incentives.

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  1. “under the hood it’s all Chevy” Don’t you mean GM Powertrain? Saab’s original powertrain workers are now in GM Powertrain

  2. Gwidt, that’s probably my Australian ignorance coming through. i based that comment on the apparent similiraity between the 9-7x and the Chevy Trailblazer, as noted through various bits of press around the globe.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Ken, I emailed Morrey Saab (in Burnaby?) just to see when they might be getting some 9-7x’s in stock. I was hoping to get my brother in law (in PoCo) to go test drive it and give me a report.

    Anyway, Mike Gray at Morrey replied that they wouldn’t be getting any until end of Sept or early Oct (which seemed a little late to me).

    I hope you’re going to get in there and take one for a spin!!

  4. Just curious …. does your brother drive Saab ?

    If I get to test drive one (I know one of the sales guy, Bill Convery, who began selling them in the 80s) I’ll post a report.

  5. Ken,

    He and his wife have 1 car between them, an Explorer. Not likely to buy another in the immdeiate term. He works from home, so 1 car is generally OK for them.

    He has high standards too. He used to be the head complaints/service guy at Porsche (big dealership near downtown – can’t remember the name).

  6. I knew it started with an ‘M’……

    He’s told me some stories from there too. He was the head aftersales guy. Someone had a problem with a car they’d bought, he’d co-ordinate the fix.

    How about the guy with a Porsche that has a CD player that skips occasionally. Just occasionally. Very occasionally. Of course, Didier had to drive his car around for a week to see if/when it skipped!!

    Then there was the guy who was complaining because the stitches in his leather seats were slightly closer together on one seat than on the other.

    Too much money.

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