So what is a weblog?

Trollhattan is a weblog. 

If you’ve never visited a weblog before, think of it as a website organised as an online diary.  I’ll be posting a new entry just about every day and the newest entry will always be at the top.

Entries, or ‘posts’ as they’re more commonly known on blogs, are assigned a category, and you can look at all the posts in the same category by clicking on the category link (hint: all the categories are listed in the sidebar on the right-hand-side of the page).

There’s also a month-by-month archive on the sidebar too.

All hyperlinks are underlined.  Clicking on the link will take you to another website or another post within this website.

This weblog looks best when your screen is set to 1024 x 768 resolution.

The great thing about weblogs is the ability to comment on the post.  You can leave your comments by simply clicking on the comments link at the bottom of the post.  I’ll never censor comments and will only delete them if they’re unneccesarily abusive (not likely here methinks!!)

Enjoy your visit at Trollhattan, and please leave some comments.


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  1. Not sure if Robbie Williams (ex-Take that) is big in your part of the world, but his latest video here on the UK makes prominent use of a classic Saab 95 estate!!! Cool

    Love the site


  2. I have ordered the new saab 9-5 and should have it in a few weeks. I really like the new look, but the old sides lets it down. Why didn’t they spend a few bucks more and remade the sides aswell? I made a (bad) example of how it would look and it actually gives it a more modern feel. Can I send the picture to you some how?

  3. I have a cool HOLIDAY SAAB photo that I took here in Sacramento, California. Each year the owners decorate their 900S with lights and it’s a kick to see.
    I need an email to submit for your consideration.

  4. Hi!

    We are collecting Saab drivers’ opinions on our new Hirsch Performance alloy wheel design on the new Hirsch Performance web site. Have a look if you’re interested.



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