99 Turbo restoration project

OK, I mentioned on the Saabcentral forums the other day that I’m looking at restoring my 1979 99Turbo.  The project is planned to commence in a few months time, but I’m canvassing for ideas now.  There’s a budget to be adhered to and stuff to source so I’m planning ahead in order to enjoy the summer in my freshly fitted-out 99.

This is the car, 3 years or so ago. (picture removed)  It now has a front spoiler and looks pretty much the same, but it’s going to look a lot better!

A little history on this car.  I bought it about 4 years ago.  It was destined for the wreckers that week if I hadn’t picked it up.  It had a stuffed gearbox and (as we found out later) a stuffed turbo.  I got these fixed eventually and had a great time in my first turbochrged vehicle.  A short time later, I was seduced by a 900 turbo for sale, so I decided to sell the 99.

Big Mistake.

With both of them sitting in the driveway I couldn’t fathom why I’d made this decision.  The decision was made, however, so off the car went.

A couple of years later, the kid that bought it offered to sell it back to me.  He’d replaced several items on the car (he ran it pretty hard) and was getting sick of shelling out the money.  I snapped it up straight away.  I’d missed the car heaps.

It’s always been super reliable and it’s really impressed on me how revolutionary the 99 Turbo was as an automobile.

So, after many years dutiful service and some years of abuse, the old dear’s going in for a face lift.

I’ve already received some good tips from a few of the 99 fans at SaabCentral.  I’m opening this thread as an ongoing forum for people to pump in their ideas.  In some respects I’d like to keep this car original, but I think what I’ll try to do is customise it with Saab bits and pieces to make it the 99 I’d have loved Saab to build.  Within reason.

Some of the things I’m thinking of:

Power windows and power steering (if available – so far, it isn’t)

Power aerial

Central locking

Thicker carpets; and I’m considering a different trim pattern on the seats.  I love the original, but it wears so easily (especially under my reasonable bulk)

New headliner

Adding an intercooler, or water injection

Of course, there’s a dent-removal and respray project on the cards, but I’m not sure whether to go with the original arctic white or a pearl finish.  I’m thinking the original will perhaps be OK (and way more within budget)

US style dual headlights.

Get an original front spoiler.  I have a fibreglass mock up on there at the moment.

I figure this is a pretty good starting point.  Any ideas or concepts would be appreciated.  I’ll be keeping the project updated regularly here once it starts, but all ideas welcome in the meantime.

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