Another (almost) famous Saab

Can you tell it’s been a slower news-week in the world of Saab??

Anyway, after noticing TSN’s Saabs-in-movies thread the other day, it’s amazingly coincidental that a certain green Saab is getting more than just a few headlines this morning.

It’s been identified as the getaway car for some Russian thugs that tried to assassinate the head of Russia’s state power monopoly.

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  1. You find a lot of Saabs in graphic design things too.

    Mr.Clean (An American only brand?) sells a type of car washing thing you attach to the end of your garden hose. The car on the box is a poorly disguised 9-5.

    At Lowes (A huge US warehouse-style hardware chain) the other day and on the signage for automotive touch up paint was a classic 900.

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