Bits of news from around the traps

The Local in Sweden have a little more on the manufacture of Caddies in Sweden and what it’ll mean for Trollhattan.  It’s all good!!

According to the reports, the decision will mean a doubling of production at Trollhattan, and millions of dollars of investment in the plant.

It the reports are confirmed, it means that Trollhattan’s future is secure until 2015. The factories in Trollhattan and Russelheim have been working to improve efficiency since the autumn. The German newspaper’s source says that the improvements mean that both factories will be saved.

US auto sales for February have been released, with Saab down for the month by 6 percent (compared to GM down 12 percent overall) but Saab are still marginally up for the year to date.



Car: 2,545 vs. 2,701, down 6 percent


Car: 4,183 vs. 4,348, up less than 1 percent

Autoblog has some pics from Geneva, with the 9-3 Sport Combi looking quite good.  Aggressive form.  Just what the company needs.

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