Trollhattan takes a hit

UPDATE: It’s happened as expected below. You’ve probably read all about it.  If not, Stormbird has some links in comments (thanks).  Go check those out.  I’ll be posting a little more shortly.

It was reported earlier this week that Saab will build it’s new Cadillac BLS at the Trollhattan plant, lending some assurance to it’s continue operations.  At the time, as reported here, GM execs were asserting that a presence in Sweden is key to the Saab brand:

Both the new Cadillac BLS sedan and the new Saab SportCombi
mid-size wagon, which will also be shown at the Geneva auto show, will
be built in Trollhattan in addition to the 9-3 sedan and the 9-5 sedan
and wagon, Saab officials said. Later this year, GM will begin
production of a refreshed version of the 9-5 cars, Saab officials said.

"Saab is a Swedish car and a Swedish brand. It’s important to
have a foothold in the market where you have that heritage," Saab
President Peter Augustsson told Reuters.

A press conference is scheduled for today (Friday) at 12.30 GMT, both in Russelsheim and in Trollhattan.  Here the future of these plants will be spelled out in more detail, and it seems that Monday’s announcement was just a "little bit of sugar" to help today’s medicine go down.

The press conferences have not been held yet, but speculation is increasing that the Russelsheim plant in Germany would win the battle to produce the next generation of medium size GM vehicles.  This would include bothe the Vectra and Saab’s 9-3.

Trollhattan would keep Saab’s research and design centres, but the manufacture of Saab vehicles would be scaled back after the current run of 9-3 and refreshed 9-5’s were made.  9-3’s would then be made outside of Europe with an expanded range of vehicles still being made at Trollhattan, which is to receive investment both from GM (in order to produce the Cadillac) and the Swedish Government. (via The Local)

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  1. Thanks. unfortunately the press conference was being held at an inopportune hour (read: middle of the night here in Oz) and with the computer in the bedroom, access was limited. More to come…

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