Autoblog Day 4…….and……The Borg

First up, Autoblog are on Day 4 of their test drive with the 9-2x.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any 9-2x’s in the ‘journo’ pool that are manual cars.  The hoo-haa earlier in the week is the result of a lot of motoring journos not liking to drive a stick and most companies accomodating them by only making autos available for tests.  Absolutely amazing.

Anyway, check out day 4 of the review.  Whilst still retaining an overall appreciation for the car, today they pick apart the faults with the interior.  If you read my 9-2x thread here at Trollhattan, you’ll see that was one of my main concerns with the car too.

In other news, GM has decided to put the corporate badge on all it’s cars.  Somewhere on your 2006 Saab will be a silver GM logo.  Grrrrrrrrreat.

The addition of a silver badge with the GM logo on all 2006 model year vehicles coincides with the automaker’s recent efforts to promote the GM brand, with increased spending on advertising and marketing.

Most of GM’s marketing and advertising budget in North America is spent on promoting its eight brands, and many people don’t associate them with GM.

"The name General Motors speaks to people," Mark LaNeve, who took over as head of GM’s North America vehicle sales and marketing last month, said. "Research tells us that many of our most outstanding segment-leading vehicles are not associated by the customer to be part of the GM portfolio."

Call it brand snobbery.  I don’t care.  My money says 80% of Saab buyers would pay an extra $50 for the car to be manufactured badge-free.

To use a Trekkism first cited by Ken, GM really are proving themselves to be the Borg.  Resistance is futile.

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  1. the gm badge on a saab will be disgusting.

    …another example of diluting brand identity. it’s as if gm’s goal is to make saab into a boring, american car. gm already already has enough examples.

    (i remember the uproar when mini cooper enthusiasts vowed not to recognize the car if the bmw badge appeared.)

  2. Nothing says “long history of Swedish innovation” like a GM badge. Not only would I not pay $50 to not have the badge, I probably wouldn’t buy the car at all, to be honest.

    I also note the irony of Saab’s most recent “be different than everyone else” ad campaign, since now Saabs will be more like the other cars in the GM family then ever.

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