Autoblog mess up testing the 9-2x

Let me get this out of the way first – Autoblog IS a great website.  It’s a good, quick read about all manner of new car stuff and should be on your Favourites if it isn’t already.


Today they’re annoying the crap out of me by road testing the 9-2x.  A road test of an important model by one of the better-read automotive websites should be a good thing, right?  Absolutely.


The 9-2x Aero that they’ve agreed to test for a few days is an automatic.  Is there a more pointless exercise thay could indulge in??  The 9-2x is a car built for fun, an excitement machine with some refinement added in by Saab.  What then is the point of doing a road test in a configuration that will reflect about 20% of the car’s potential sales??

They do get my goat sometimes as they’re not exactly fans of Saab.  Most of the recent bad news has been treated as a bit of a joke over there.  As I mentioned before, I love Autoblog and read it daily.  Mark Cuban reads it daily.  Thousands of others read it daily and because of that, this could be a really important review for the model.  Why don’t they do it properly then??  Every discussion I’ve read on BB’s buy 9-2x owners indicates a very high level of satisfaction with the car, and an appreciation for the Saab refinements.

What then can we do?  Well, first up, I’m tracking this to GM’s Fastlane blog (about which there’s another post below) in the hope that someone there will get onto this and make sure they’re provided with the right vehicle for the test.  The plates on the car are Michigan plates and I’m SURE there must be a manual 9-2x Aero in a lot somewhere in Detroit. 

I can’t believe that GM would want this car to be prominently road tested in Auto form.  Someone at GM prove me right.  Please.

Second, if you’d rather see the 9-2x Aero be put in the best position to create the right impression, then go and voice you opinion by leaving a comment at Autoblog.  This link will take you right to the 9-2x review.  You’ll need to leave your comment and then confirm it via an automatic email that they’ll send to you.

Go on.  If you care about the outomce of this test – Get Busy.

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  1. Hey there. Sometimes the cars we get to review are out of our hands besides asking for the model itself. We can’t dictate what trim level and options have been given to the press fleets (for the most part). It is a take what you can get kind of thing. Hopefully your wish will be granted and they’ll switch out the auto model soon. WE’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the kind words too!

  2. Hey Swade! I also read Autoblog every day. See the post the other day about how the VW ad doesn’t match up with the VW stereo? They figured that out when I pointed out to them that the stereo in the 9-5 can be set to turn on at a lower volume level.

    A Saab blog? How awesome is that! Glad to have found your site. I”ll have to drop you a line if I can track down your email so we can swap Saabistories.

  3. Ryan, uber-commenter of the year!! If I may, I’ll thank you for you comments in all sections in this one comment.


    Somewhere here there is a post with my email on it. I’ll have to link to it in the introductory section (top left).

    But anyway, it’s swade99 – at –

    Obviously, configure it in normal email fashion and you’ll be on your way.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  4. dude, why don’t you relax? that article on Autoblog says nothing bad about the car at all. it actually says positive things about the car and goes on to mention that he wouldn’t advise on getting an auto either. it’s not as if he had the choice to pick out the car with manual tranny.
    I personally think its funny how GM is taking the essense of Saab out of the new ones. 90% Subaru + 10% Saab does not equal a Saab. you should be more pissed off about that. and it’s only gonna get worse as the new bastard child of Chevy and Subaru is born.

  5. Prash, I’m totally relaxed. A quick look around the posts in this blog should tell you that overall I’m not happy with the direction that GM has taken Saab in over the last 15 years, but I’m also resigned to the fact that this is the way things are and there’s little I can do.

    Part of the little I could do in this case was alert those involved to the fact that the test wasn’t necesarily going to go as well as it could if the car were a manual. Given that Autoblog is a popular resource and that Saab is in a sales crisis in the US, I thought it was important to point this out to those involved.

    If you’ve read the postscript, you’ll have seen this was worthwhile as GM have endeavoured to get a manual vehicle to them. If that improves the outcome, then all’s well and good.

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