Carpages test the 9-3 SS Aero

One of the things that surprised me recently was the fact that Saab are the fastest growing premium car maker in the UK.  In addition to this, and a real stunner, is the fact that Saab so far in 2005, are selling more cars in the UK than in the US!!  This is a great coup for Saab UK and perhaps there’s a thing or two that the US dealers could learn about promotion and appreciation.

Carpages recently tested a 9-3 Sport Sedan in full Aero kit.  In contrast to the automatic 9-2x Aero doled out to Autoblog last week, Carpages received a 6-speed HOT Aero that was fully loaded with options coming out of it’s ears.

And the results of the test reflect their appreciation.  They LOVE this car, and rightly so. 

The Saab 9-3 Aero is a grown up performance sports saloon that features touches of innovative engineering combined with class leading safety. Both the performance and fuel economy are excellent and the handling is superb……

……The 9-3 Aero has been designed for not just for its sheer driving excitement but as a car that you can live with in the long term.

Click the Carpages link above for the full story.

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