First the 9-7x, now this???

Could there be a big Saab V8 Coupe waiting silently in the wings unbeknowned to all of us?

OK, this is 99.9% likely to be the work of an enterprising April Fool’s court jester with a serious Photoshop habit.  Nevertheless, it does make for some interesting thoughts, especially given the recent discussions here and elsewhere about possible future Saab lineups.

The original story is here
and if you can understand Swedish, then feel free to go have a read.  For the rest of us, here’s a dodgy internet translation.

It has steal. It has tisslats. Tips sedan GM was bending present draught on another roadsterplattform has it chat if a modern Saab Son. Givetvis permit nothing. Maybe for that somewhat very violent lows in pipeline Saab 9-6C.

Next Opel Speedster am arriving probably that build on same platform as roadstern Saturn Cloud. It has GM already betoken. When the from Swede way had effected question if the possibly should kunna be one of fresh game Saab on tread trick GMs : exponent again as clam. Whys so silent if Saab , wonder the then. Now release bomb. They first pictures on a wholly fresh creature of Saab had leaky out and the is nots found on roadsterplattformen. Auto am heating Saab 9-6C and found on Pontiac GTO!

The first muscle Saaben The am acting if a vigorous coup� with bakhjulsdrift and rumbling V8 wonder huven! To difference from GMs : experiment with Saabs emblem on easily revise Subaru Impreza am divorcing themselves 9-6C very from its ground plan than what example 9-2X did. To that start with had Saaben one very vigorous look than s�v�l GTO as they hetaste the version of Holden Sovereign , which is the actual bench marks for GTO. Formerly the normal Saab – face had screen depositing out rej�lt and s�v�l bumper as variant is very sportigare in design.

Finslipad V8 As it were nya supreme 9-7X, found on Chevrolet Trailblazer , had 9-6C also a rej�lt revise interior as to difference from 9-2X have a normal Saab – atmosphere , if than in somewhat tilltuffad form. Also drivlinan and chassit is very plod than GTO. Among other had Saaben GTOs nya LS2 V8a: on 6,0 litre , but it has gotten a rej�l compiled of Corvette – expert Callaway for that bring out right mix of muskelbilsprestanda and the pitch of sofistikation as respite a Saab. What motor give for effect and hurdana achievement 9-6X is alas nots felt. Any turbo is the anyway nots speech if. Than less any �verliggande kamaxlar.

Naturally tread For only any year sedan had tank on s�v�l st�tst�ngsmotor as bakhjulsdrift wherein wholly ot�nkbar in an Saab. So is the nots inferior. IN vart case nots in America. Abrupt is the nya auto one naturally next step in GMs : endeavour that width Saabs modellutbud with multi and more exciting model. Already 2001, in samband with a pressk�rning of 9-5 with aberrant compression , present Saab a bit of sina funderingar for future. Among other that the do not be evident that future Saabar compelled should product framhjulsdrivna. With 9-2X and now also 9-7X was cleaving Saab into the allhjulsdrivna room. They utgjorde also starskott for the nya eran with Saab – model found on olds wholly unlikely model as Subaru Impreza and Chevrolet Tarailblazer.

Rational m�rkesprofilering Attempt with 9-2X defeated yet nots so welfare out. Tank that offer a exciting instegsmodell stood more ors less on nose when that was guiding themselves become dearest than Sportsedan. Moreover each the not much different anti Impreza. Only a revise Caroline before A – post and second emblem. GM give themselves yet nots. Saabs image ska trim at a bigger , more exciting and exclusive modellutbud , barley on one rational and economic f�rsvarbart manner. �tminstone for AMERICA – fair , is best that adds. Neither 9-2X ors 9-7X am marketing in Europe. Another platform made with Saab in �tanke l�r yet wait and GM had br�ttom. IN expectation on the unborn generation of GM – produce present they already f�rdigutvecklade produce revise for that catch on Saab.

More carefully prepared How much of Saabs DNA as is guarded in 9-6C is vague. With 9-7X was guiding Saab that they learned its lesson after that half-hearted attempt with 9-2X. Defiance method that come from from a already existent model with wholly other image than the Saab am standing for was bidding the on more Saab – atmosphere than m�ktade with. The pervades by an evident effort that want make Saab by an Chevrolet. The nya coup�n with sits aggressive formspr�k and a finslipad version of V8an: am exposing wholly clearly GMs : intention. Saab 9-6C is a little more than GTO. More achievement. More luxury. More auto. Audacious as poll. Almost for good for that product TRUE.

96c2As I said, it’s highly likely to be the work of a Photoshop genius, but it does make an interesting thought.  A big Saab flagship hero-mobile based on a Monaro platform.  AWD.  Fully loaded.  The 9-8.  The Griffen.

As Mitsubishi used to say here in Australia:  Please Consider.

Original article sourced from Saabscene.

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  1. The Monaaro ? Saabaro ? Pontiaab ? Saantiac ? Photoshop’d …. I don’t care. Just build it (9-8, 9-4, whatever), and they will come.

    Hey Jay are ya listening ?

  2. he he – Saabaro. Reaction has been mixed in different places. Some of the negative thoughts are due to (sigh) another badge engineering prospect. I think the concept of a larger flagship model has definitely got merit though. And a coupe option is dead sexy.

  3. A V8 Monaro-based Saab coupe? Good lord…
    I have no qualms about a big coupe with a griffen on the front, but putting a new grille on a WRX wagon doesn’t work for the 9-2X and I doubt it would work here. A V8? Probably a 30 year old OHV iron lump that weighs more than an entire two-stroke 96.

    Seriously Saab (GM), if you want a big coupe, do it properly.

    1. Start with the 9-5 body; maintain the headlights, wrap over bonnet and flat panelled shoulders, shorten it a bit and lose the rear doors.

    2. Give it a new chassis, and make it adaptive AWD.

    3. Throw in a 2.3L twin asymetric twin turbo engine with infi-variable valve timing, spitting out about 330kW.

    4. Go find the nearest M5, and eat it for breakfast.


  4. This article was published by a Swedish Auto magazine on the first of april… Could it be a aprilsfool…

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