GM vs Tom Waits

Who’d want to get Tom Waits angry? 

He knows karate, voodoo too.  He’s got hair on his chest.  He looks good without a shirt on.

Well, it seems our benevolent mates at GM are willing to risk the ire of the blues in order to get just a little bit of cool.  From Edmunds:

DETROIT — It’s been a bad year for General Motors, and it’s just gotten worse. GM has already announced first-quarter losses of more than $1 billion and its bonds are rated near junk. And now the automaker has angered gravel-voiced singer Tom Waits.

Waits is threatening to sue GM after its Danish sales arm used music that sounds like his in an advertisement for Opel cars. Except it’s not Waits’ voice, or song. Waits is no Moby

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