Posting may be light for the next little while.  I’m going for a promotion at work, so I have to bone up on all these terms etc etc so that I can adequately jump through the corporate hoops and prove to a bunch of people on a panel that I’ll never see again that I can do my own job at a level high enough that they can justify keeping me here.  Sound complicated?  Grrrrr. 

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  1. Interview will be a little while off, it’s the written application that’s getting me bogged down at the moment. It’ll be about 8-10 pages of drivel designed to set out why I can do what I’m basically already doing. Easy to procrastinate on these things, especially if you have a weblog to maintain and one of the world’s best road rallies happening on your backdoor in the next week!!

  2. It’s a sensational ad isn’t it? Saw it a few weeks ago just after it won whatever it award it won.

    Hate somethin? Change somethin.

    Sticks in your head in a good way, like good ads should.

    Might go and have another look now. Feeling a little Grrr today as it happens.

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