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I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but…

The other day I wrote a little on Saab advertising and how good it needs to be.  I know it’s easy to get cynical and crow on about how it’s the ad guys that run companies now and blah blah blah.  Fact is – you’ve not only got to have a good product, but you’ve got to get it into people’s minds too.

Anyway, a little more distressing news on Saab’s proposed campaign in the US, which should start hitting screens soon.  From David Kiley at Business Week, whose writings I have enjoyed and cited previously here:

Saab: I have seen the new work, some of which the public hasn’t, and it is terrible. Here is a niche brand with some quirks. The ads I saw might as well have been for Buick. The executive who guided the work just left to run liquor marketing at Diageo. Look for Smirnoff ads to take a nose-dive now. Interpublic’s Lowe & Partners, which also handles very good GMC ads, does the Saab work. [disclaimer: I once worked for Lowe & Partners as a vice president]. I think the agency can do better work for a smarter client.

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