Post no. 99

As this is post No 99 here at Trollhattan (go count them if you wish), what better way to celebrate the upcoming centenary than with a quick post on my favourite Saab – the 99 Turbo. 

Drew Bedelph is a Tasmanian, like myself, and he’s likely to be the first of my "Saab Nutters" when I get around to documenting his exploits next month.  In the meantime, here’s a quick look at his Marble White 99 Turbo, exactly the same colour as mine.  I have a sunroof whereas he has air conditioning.

We actually had them together the other night for a dinner down at Wrest Point Casino and it was cool driving back towards the bridge in convoy.  Drivers of Toyota Corollas get to see what their own car looks like on the road once every 2 minutes or so.  For Marble White 99 Turbo owners, it’s once in a blue moon!!

Drew’s written a thread at SC about the car, which he got as a daily driver so he could preserve his fleet of more glamorous 900’s.  Go check it out.

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