Targa Tasmania Day 3 – The Tasman Trundle

(Pictures have been removed due to rotten links – new domain issue) Day 3 saw competitors leave the northern hub and head, via the mountain passes in the east, down to Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart.  It was another good day for Dan and Roger in the 99 Turbo.  Hampered by a fuel problems and conditions that are best suited to higher powered, rear wheel drive vehicles, Dan and Roger have been pushing the car along at a pace aimed at securing their first Targa trophy.  And it’s well within their sights.

I caught up with the lads down at Wrest Point Casino and the feeling in the team is very positive indeed.  They’ve nursed the car nicely and have looked after their tyres well.  With rain forecast for the next few days, they’ll be in a strong position to maintain the pace they’ve set themselves in the last few days.   As navigator Roger Lawrence mentioned, they’re only 40% through this event.  There’s 60% to go and rain on the way – the great even-upperer.

They had to disconnect the water injection system.  The fuel problems above 4,000rpm were just being accentuated and limiting the car even more.  Matt also had to do some wok on the brakes, adjusting the handbrake, which made a big difference overall.

The day must have got off to a slow start, as a scheduled 40 minute lunch break (valuable for topping up fluids and quick repairs) was shortened to just 13 minutes, sending Drew off on a verbal frenzy the likes of which would have made a sailor blush.

As i mentioned earlier, the Indian summer we’ve had over the last few days will turn nasty overnight.  There’s steady rain forecast and even some highland snow in the picture.  The cars won’t see that tomorrow, but if it persits it could definitely come into play on the weekend as the pass through some high country from Hobart in the south to Burnie in the northwest.

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