The 9-3 SC is online

Just a heads up to all you 9-3 Sport Combi droolers out there.  The new model now has it’s own Saab webspace. You can mix and match model lines and colors (I’m thinking an Aero in Jet Black or Arbor Green) and you can download a PDF brochure as well.  Go on.  Move your mind.

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  1. “Move your mind.” I first saw that slogan a couple years ago on some SaabUSA wallpaper – I guess it clashes with the current “State of Independance” campaign, but I always liked it better.

    (It’s akin to Audi’s “Never Follow,” which I hate to say is …even better.)

  2. “Never Follow” is a bit arrogant and frankly, not very original. The converse would be “always lead” or some kitchy line like that.

    “Move Your Mind” is my favorite, short, to the point and echoes with Saabers (and possibly non-Saabers too). “Welcome to the State of Independence” is too much a mouthful, contradictory to Saab’s position in relation to GM, and would only be better as a second line to Move Your Mind but only where it’s needed.

    Sorry I’m no marketer so I don’t know what the proper terms are for these marketing elements.

  3. …nice!

    in particular, i enjoyed the “exhibition”
    film and the “hi-rez” shots in the “media”
    section. they put most of the car foot-
    age at the end, but it was worth the wait.
    i’ll be downloading those shots in a few

    also, i liked the interview with the chief
    designer. i agree with him that that the
    tail-light design is quite fetching and
    one of the best design features of the car.

    and finally, although i like the “state of
    independence” slogan, i don’t feel it’s the
    right “fit” with what gm has been doing late-
    ly. “move your mind” has a nice ring to it.
    it’s concise, yet powerful; and conveys pro-
    gress. i think the sportcombi backs it up.

    great post, swade!

  4. Yeah, the site’s pretty good, isn’t it. Loads quickly and gives a good quick look at the vehicle.

    This puppy’s going to sell some units. Dead set.

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