Those naughty Swedes

Do you have a 1995 NG-900 with faulty fit-n-finish?  Maybe a ’98 model 9-3 with dodgy brakes.  Ever feel like your late 90’s Saab shouldn’t have made it through quality control?

Well maybe your vehicle was one of the unlucky ones made right after the local 112 chapter of the Metall union went on one of their field trips.  This is an old news story I fell across last night, but it’s amusing to say the least.

Here’s a snippet, but being a family-friendly site (well, trying at least), you can click here and read the whole she-bang.

But the story grabbing the headlines was the news that the entire board of the 112 chapter of the Metall union, which covers the Saab factory, resigned after it was revealed that members’ money had been used to pay for the purchase of sex toys, visits to sex clubs and extravagant drinking binges. The incidents cover a period of over ten years.

There seems to be no redeeming feature to this story. Thursday’s Aftonbladet revealed that it first came to light when a new accountant at the union’s head office went through chapter 112’s finances and found receipts for sexual aids…..

…..Larsson described a number of lively trips to Aftonbladet, including a visit to a Brussels sex club in 1995. The bill came to 30,000 crowns. He claimed senior officials of 112 also visited the ‘Kakadu’ and ‘Maxim’ clubs in Copenhagen. Two visits in 1998 and 2001 cost the union over 20,000 crowns on each occasion.

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