A good impression, however short…

Dan Jedlicka is a journo that occasionally gets to do things that a lot of journos (and non-journos) would really love to do. He gets to drive new cars really fast on a racetrack.

He recommends the $41,000 Lotus Elise over the $140,000 Ford GT.

He’s also impressed by the Saab 9-7x!!

Another impressive vehicle at the track was Saab’s first sport-utility vehicle — its new 9-7X. Saab is owned by General Motors, so the mid-size 9-7X shares its basic design with GM’s Chevrolet TrailBlazer and has the same 275-horsepower six-cylinder engine and 300-horsepower V-8.

However, the 9-7X looks smoother than the TrailBlazer because it’s lower and has Saab front-end styling. The 9-7X also has a Saab-designed instrument panel in a more upscale interior, tighter steering, differently tuned suspension and larger brakes.

“Some 40 percent of Saab auto buyers have an SUV in their garage, and GM figured that Saab was losing out on the SUV side without its own SUV,” said Saab spokesman Tom Beaman. “But Saab had to make the 9-7X as ‘Saab-like’ as possible because many Saab customers are extremely loyal to the Saab brand and are demanding about it.”

9-7x splash.jpg Click to enlarge.

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