A quick word about comments

Just needed to provide you all with a little info on commenting. I’m sorry to be having to write about the site, rather than about Saabs. One of the pitfalls of starting over, I’m afraid.

Those of you that have been good enough to have your say in comments would have noticed that they sit in a queue, pending approval. This is my feeble attempt to battle the spammers.

One thing you can do to get around it is to register with typekey. This is a backdoor to the security system. Once you register, you’re comments bypass the approval queue and should appear automatically. You can also hit the ‘remember me’ bit and you should just have to sign in once and you’ll remain signed in whenever you return (I think).

The brief details you give typekey aren’t forwarded to anyone. It’s merely a comments registration system run by the same people that built the software for this blog.

If you don’t mind waiting a little while in the queue, then that’s fine too.

This picture has nothing to do with this weblog entry, just consider it a consolation for having to read such drivel on a site that’s supposed to be about cars. Click to enlarge.


My old red 99 Turbo. I’m trying hard to not regret selling it. Really, I am.

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