Call me pedantic

Spelling, grammar and sentence formation.  Although you’ll spot my own weaknesses here and there on this blog, I’m a stickler for these things.

So you can imagine how annoyed I get when I see a ‘professionally’ prepared document for one of my favourite vehicles, one on whose success I pin quite high hopes, with a stupid sloppy mistake in it.

I’ve tried dropping a quiet hint to GM about this, but it hasn’t been addressed yet.  So it’s time to take it to another level.  It’s the new electronic brochure for the 9-3 Sport Combi.  Go to the introductory paragraph at the bottom of page 2.

Do the words… "A car that takes the Saab heritage of sporty and versatile car concepts to yet another new level. It�s soon here. Faster than you think." ….make sense to you? (my emphasis added).

Someone at GM please take care of this before we’re all made to look like gargantuan bufoons.  Please.

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  1. it’s sounds like a “steven wright” joke.
    (in deadpan, he says stuff like, “it’s a
    nice night for an eveving….”)

    “it’s soon here.” lol.

  2. You’re forgiven 9x. It’s what the whole post is about after all. Lord help me if I have to read back through all the words I’ve written here and correct everything. I’d be old(er) and grey(er).

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