Eklund takes off this weekend

The 2005 European Rallycross season will start this weekend in Essay-Alencon, France, and Per Eklund is scheduled to be there in his new 9-3 Sport Sedan rally car.

From what I understand, this new chassis will basically be running the same gear as his old 9-3.  Credit to the Per Eklund fan page for these first photos of the new car (Per’s own site doesn’t even have them up!!).

I’ll be looking for, and posting, Per’s results from the rally as soon as I can find them.  For the time being, here’s the first photos of the car from the workshop.  As always click on the photos to enlarge (just try to remember to wipe the drool from your desk, OK?)

  Looks like the old engine to me, probably tweaked a fair bit, though.

Pictures have been removed

Big door scoop!!

Donor and recipient.

A better look at the monster-donk.

2004 Swedish Champion.  GO HARD!!!

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