GM streamlining continues

News just in that GM has installed another face into the global model development program.  The new guy on the block is Jon Laukner and he will report directly to my old friend, Bob Lutz (isn’t this a job that I could have taken on?).

The idea is to further streamline product development and prevent duplication of efforts in the global program.

I’m not sure if Edmunds Inside Line was intentionally aiming at comedy with this commentary, a classic piece of fence sitting:

What this means to you: This could be good news for all consumers as GM is aiming to reduce production costs by streamlining global production. Hate to say it, but it also might be bad news for consumers as this new vice president could become another suit clogging an already bureaucratic corporation in desperate need of some bold and decisive turn-around plans.

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  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the “good news” because of this quote: “He coordinated the development of products for Europe and North America, including the Chevrolet Malibu, Opel Vectra, Pontiac G6 and Saab 9-3”. Seemed to do a pretty good job at that, but why did they put that (Enlarge photo) thingy by his photo? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to enlarge that.

  2. I think that’s just a standard webpage feature where any posted pics can be enlarged. No, I doubt anyone cares to see a larger pic of Laukner.

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