It’s Good News Week

Yes folks there’s nothing but good news here at Trollhattan. The 9-3SC is on it’s way (see below) and the first 9-7x’s are being delivered to happy customers.

Personally speaking, I think I’m now authorised to reveal my own good news: that job application and interview I was sweating about a few weeks ago has turned out successful. Starting around mid-June I’ll be a Senior Consultant in my department and about 20% better off than I was earlier on.

Now if we can just sell our block of land I’ll have all the funds I need to get my 99 back to all it’s glory!! Speaking of which, I had some fun at Saabwreck in Melbourne last week, picking up a used Alpine head unit and CD changer for just $165 and a used turbo intake pipe for $30. I also grabbed a few badges while I was there.

I think it’s time for a big fat celebratory steak!!!

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