Notes from home

I’m writing from my sick-bed today. Stuck at home with the flu – a particularly discouraging condition seeing as I have a very important interview tomorrow afternoon for a promotion. The interview necessitated I buy a shirt – one that i can wear a tie with. I’m sure my Manager will wonder who it is when I walk in the door tomorrow!! I work as a professional, but I’ve always held that ties contribute nothing to the performance of my duties. Consequently I haven’t worn one for around 3 years or so.

On the upside, I did receive a purchase from Ebay in the mail today, a copy of The Saab-Scania Story that I picked up for $10 plus postage. Now that I’ve just checked Amazon, I see I could have bought it for $2.75. Hmmmmm. I’ve thrown a copy of the Amazon link on the sidebar. It certainly looks alright so far. Another one for the library.

I also bought a Saab keyring from Ebay and that came today in the mail today, too. It features the old airplane logo in gold on a black background.

In a bumper day for parcels, we also got our pre-order copies of the Dave Matthews Band’s new CD, Stand Up. I’m listening to it right now – sensational!! Comes as a dual layer CD/DVD, which I haven’t seen before. One side it’s a CD and then you flip it over and stick it the other way in your DVD player. Probably old hat over in the States, but it’s the first I’ve seen.

That’ll do me for today. My advice: stay warm. This flu’s a killer!!

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  1. I’ve considered picking that one up actually, Ken. Just waiting to find a cheaper one. All the copies I saw were $35 or thereabouts. Add in postage and we’re looking at a $50 book. I’ll get it eventually I’m sure.

  2. let me chime in with my last “saab” purchase on ebay a couple weeks ago:

    a toy version (“hot wheels” sized) of the 9x, by maisto.

    …cute little bugger. (.99 + shipping.)

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