On/Off/On/Off – ON again

Gee, you take a few days away from the PC and the news doesn’t just rain – it pours!!

UK 9-3 SportCombi pricing – go order yours now.

A ‘write-up’ on the 2006 9-3 Aero 2.8.

It’s all happening.

Added to this is some “On again” news relating to the 9-6x. If you’ve followed my 9-6x thread, you’ll know that there’s been a great deal of conflicting mail as to what’s happening with this project. So what’s the latest?

SaabKen found this item and let it rip on SC.

Washington DC May 23, 2005; AIADA reported that Saab is gearing up for production of its seven-passenger 9-6X SUV to begin next year at Subaru’s Lafayette, Ind. plant — the first vehicle produced in Indiana for the automaker. According to Automotive News, “Saab has not specified volumes for the 9-6X. But the plant, which is owned by General Motors partner Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., will apparently have room for about 10,000 to 15,000 a year.”

More from the News: “In the second quarter of 2006 the Indiana plant will begin producing export-only, right-hand-drive versions of the Tribeca. Production of the 9-6X is planned to follow. “Whether it develops into anything long term, we don’t know,” said Thomas Easterday, senior vice president of human resources and corporate affairs at Subaru of Indiana Automotive. “But having General Motors and Saab have the confidence in our quality and our production capacity to build a vehicle here is important.”

Looks like it’s definitely on again. But then again, I wrote that the other day, right? So isn’t it “OFF again” time?

I’m waiting for access to another article on the same subject and I’m hoping it’ll give a little more detail.

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