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Hi all,

Posts will be light today, thanks to Ryan in Washington DC, who has a mammoth Saab video collection.  Woohah!!

Anyway, April sales figures for the US were released today and once again it’s the continuation of the downward trend – sort of.

According to BusinessWeek, GM’s sales in the US were down 8 percent for the month, largely due to the declining popularity of SUV’s starting to bite (maybe they’re all holding off for the 9-7x!!).  Truck sales were down 17% for the month, but sales of passenger vehicles actually rose by 8%.

Year-to-date shows both sectors down by a combined 5%

Results were down for many carmakers.  The ones to whom the benefits flowed were the Asian carmakers, with Kia, Suzuki, Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda and Toyota all recording rises for the month.  Some of the rises, such as Nissan’s 27%, were significant.

Saab recorded small declines in sales for all models – percentage figures are really somewhat pointless when you’re dealing with such small numbers. 

Jay, Bob – get busy please!

The Diesel post from yesterday sparked some pretty interesting dicussion.  I’ve received a few insightful comments here at Trollhattan, but there’s been plenty of comments both at The Saab Network and Saab Central as well.  Go check them out and add your $0.02.

I’m going to spend a little while collating all this discussion and then I think it’ll be time for another Letter to GM.

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  1. Well 9x, let’s keep the word “mammoth’ in proportion. If someone had a video collection on something as narrowly defined as ‘Saab’ that totalled 10 clips, I’d call it huge. Ryan’s mammoth collection comprises about 40 or so digitised clips from commercials and training videos. Fantastic stuff. He has a few more still to upload. I may be able to get a few onto the blog in the near future – storage space and bandwidth are the problem on this blog server (expansion plans being mulled over as I speak).

  2. cool! that seems like a lot to me, too.

    (this reminds me that i should digitize
    my saab “symphony” tape–the one with the
    9000’s doing tricks on two wheels.)

  3. I saw that one yesterday. Sensational. Although I couldn’t figure out what the 900 Cab was doing when it run over that thing on the ground. Explanations anyone??

  4. It has something to do with tragic romance opera (or ballet performance) with the inevitable death of the principal figure of love. OK it’s early, I’ve only had one cup of coffee and that’s as best as I can remember from my wife’s explanation of the red C900 vert.

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