The Saab font

Just a quick note, which will go up for permanent link on the sidebar.

If you’re viewing this website and the font you’re reading now (or more noticably, the font in the heading for this post) is different from the one in the picture below, then chances are that you don’t have the Gill Sans MT font installed on your computer. This website looks a lot better if you do have it installed.


If you hunt around, find it and then install it, you’ll find that the site really does look a whole lot more Saabish. Alternatively you could email me and I’m sure I could help you find it if necessary (delete the bits of the email address that look a little inappropriate).

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  1. Nice Site!

    I’m a senior salesman for this beautifull brand. We’re in The Hageau Holland. I like SAABs because there different. And I don’t care what other people think, I like it, I like selling it and I like driving it. I’m now driving the new 150 Hp TiD Sport Sedan. I’m looking for a nice Coupe with the Lpt-engine but thats not easy here in Holland. Kind regards Dennis.

  2. Dennis, it’s a pleasure to hav you on board. I’m surprised at the number of dealers that have commented recently. I’ve even had a reader tell me a dealer pointed out the site to him. I’m flattered that the Saab dealer community could find this site a useful resource.

    Good to hear from someone as enthused about the brand as yourself. I’m the anti-salesman. I couldn’t sell a heater to an eskimo. If I had to do a sales job, I’d need to be as enthused about what I was selling as you are.

    Hope you’re having a great year!!

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