Trouble at General Hospital

Don’t be mad, Bob.


When GM hired 112-year-old warhorse Bob Lutz as their product development boss the company talked proudly of how he was a real "car guy". Now Detroit sources say the enthusiastic pensioner is becoming increasingly depressed because no one in the company wants to talk about cars.

"Bob seems real down at the moment," said one insider. "He’s always wandering about the design offices showing people pictures of new cars and trying to talk about them but I guess the guys here just aren’t interested. Poor fella, I guess if he wants to discuss cars he’s come to the wrong place".

However, some of Lutz’s colleagues were less sympathetic. Sources say some employees are starting to avoid the elderly driving fan if at all possible and have been heard muttering phrases such as "Oh Christ, here comes that guy who likes cars". "Jeez, I wish he’d shut up about the cars already," said one manager. "God, the way he goes on you’d think GM was an auto maker or something. Dammit, we’re a pensions and healthcare business, we don’t have time to worry about cars".

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