Welcome (again)

Hi all,

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved Trollhattan Saab. The site you see here is 95% done, though there’s still a few bugs to iron out.

Down the left side of the site are all the references you need to get around. I’ll be adding a few more as I get time, such as the Saab Vs posters I had on the old site in a photo album. I’ll also be creating some groovy original wallpapers eventually and I hope to feature a “clip of the month” movie soon, too.

Another grooooooovy feature on the left is the subscription box. If you want a daily email about what’s posted here, just drop your email address in the box and hit the button. If there’s no posts, you get no email. And despite how many posts I might write up in a day (I get carried away sometimes), you’ll only get 1 email that’ll tell you about all of them. Simple.

On the right are the ads. Some of them might even be useful. Feel free to explore at your own leisure.

We’re always under construction here at Trollhattan so if you’ve got some suggestions, or even some stories to tell, then leave me a note in comments or email me. (You might want to get rid of the ‘NOSPAM’ bit on the email address.)

For those that are interested, my original welcome entry from the old site is here and you can read about me and my Saab fetish here.

Oh yeah, the site looks a lot better if you have the Saab font (Gill Sans MT) installed. If you don’t have it but you’d like it, just email me and I’ll see if I can get it to you.



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