9-3 Aero review

Automobile do a brief write up on testing the new V6 Aero. And yes, they like it. One thing they also do in this article is the annoying pigeonholing of Saab owners as “devotees” that “live for high strung fours”. Obviously the V6 is going to be totally unacceptable!! Where do they get this sort of crap??

Can I put this sort of generalisation in the can with the word “quirky”??


Now that that’s out of my system, please enjoy the review. Can’t wait to drive one of these beasties.

UPDATE: I dont want to sound like I’m flogging a dead horse here, but the whole ‘quirky’ thing really annoys the daylights out of me. It seems to be the fallback default adjective of every unimaginative journo that gets the privelege to pick up a set of keys.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a Google News search for ‘Saab Quirky’. Read it and weep. Seven (7) separate news reports in the last few weeks that can’t talk about Saab without mentioning the ‘Q’ word.


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  1. Swade, any idea why Type Key won’t remember me? Even though I tic “Remember Me? Yes” I have to log in every time to comment.

    Anyway, I guess they never owned a Saab with that horrid Opel V6 in it, this one sounds a lot better though 😉

  2. Ryan,

    I’d say it’s because TypeKey is primarily a crap service that does little to enhance the whole blog experience – as I’m finding out.

    I’m looking into another alternative. The issue is stopping spam comments from getting through. TypeKey was meant to be a method whereby comments would appear without me having to moderate them (which is what happens). The problem, as you’ve noted, is the log-in-every-darn-time-you-use-it thing.

    I’ll try and get it sorted over the weekend. In the meantime, thanks a bunch for your patience.

  3. I need help, I just bought a new saab 93 aero within 3 weeks, I have taken it back 4 times to fix 10 different problems, now new problem appear each day. need to take it back again. =( Not happy with the way Dealer and Saab Australia deal with my case. what should i do??? and who should i contact???? Please help me.

  4. Dennis-been repairing Saabs thirty years. From your letter it appears there may be a detail or communication problem. I suggest you keep a written diary of your problems as some things may be intermittent(i.e. temperature, humidity, vibration related) and not necessarily detected by Tech Is(mechanic or service advisor) or Tech II. Whatever- do not freak out at the shop… trust that they are trying to resolve your issues. dzlsabe

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