Auction Watch

I’m keeping an eye on our three auctions of interest.

It looks like the 9-7x is fizzing out. With 21 hours to go as at the time of writing it’s stuck on US$30,200 and is still under the reserve.

Similarly, the silver 9000 Aero is stuck at A$7,500 and short of reserve. Gotta say, I’m very interested in this. Contact has been made (there’s no way I’d spend that much money on an untested vehicle) and we’ll see if some higher res pictures can be obtained.

The black 9000 Aero hasn’t budged. It has a starting bid of A$11,500 which is yet to be offered by anyone, with a buy it now of A$13,500. It’s not bad value, really. But as the Michael Caton said on The Castle – “tell him he’s dreamin”

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