Aussie No 1

Couldn’t resist a little blurb on the Aussie that’s just been taken No 1 in the NBA draft, Andrew Bogut. And just to prove that there’s no sure consistency in tastes around the world, I read in a newspaper article this morning that one of the first things he wants to do car-wise is a get a Holden Monaro to keep here in Oz for when he comes home to visit. That’s a GTO to you American folks. He plans on getting a Benz for driving around in Milwaukee.

The name ‘Monaro’ is a fair-dinkum legend here in Australia and it’s no surprise to me at all that an Aussie kid made good would want one for the garage.

I imagine it’d be a little more surprising though, if Marvin Williams (picked at No. 2 by Atlanta) came out at his press conference and said “Yeah, I’ve got millions now. I’m off to get a GTO while the employee discout thang is still going on!”

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  1. Take a close look at the Holden — it’s totally got the butterfly cup holder out of the 9-5 — except it’s got 2!!

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