Bob Waxes Brazilian

Sorry Bob, but I’m a little cheesed off. I live in what is commonly descrived as the arse-end of the world and what was once described by our own former Prime Minister as a “Banana Republic”, and if I can manage 10 posts a week on my blog about Saab, then surely you could manage one a month!! Instead, we get a post about GM in Brazil.

I mean, Come On!!! You’ve got 9-2x’s walking out the door faster than you can ship them and 9-7x’s (finally) being delivered to happy customers and 99% happy reviews (here’s another one, just published today).

Is there nothing you can write to pump up your ‘global premium brand’ in your most important market?? It’s not like there’s a shortage of model development news to whet the appetites.

Instead, we get an abbreviated pitstop about how an undercapitalised GM group is managing to provide adequate transport using recycled aluminium cans, three rubber bands and a goodly supply of ferrets.

This small team, battling against stiff competition in a market just recovering from a severe slump, saddled with an exchange rate that makes previously profitable exports all but infeasible, and blessed with very little in the way of new capital, is responding with unmatched creativity and enthusiasm.

Their ability to re-use previously tooled parts from a variety of available sources, spend a minimum for new sheetmetal and bold, new interiors, add engines that can run on any combination of gasoline, ethanol …….. is resulting in a stream of exciting new products

Then again, maybe it was about Saab after all…..

Please Bob – lift your game!!!!

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