Diesel in the US – Yes! If you’re determined…

Ever seen, or driven a car, and decided that you just had to have it? That the car makes so much sense that you can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want one?

I got a letter from a guy in the US a few weeks ago. So impressed with the Saab TiD was he, and unafraid of the hurdles that getting one might pose, that he jumped on a plane to Europe for a test drive and bought one back…….albeit some time later due to the red tape involved.


You might remember that I wrote about the diesel situation in the US a few weeks ago. Diesels are very popular in Europe where the price of petrol is sky high, the emissions laws are a little different as is the grade of diesel fuel available. The diesel fuel situation in the US should change in 2007, when regs about sulfur come into play.

It’s a great story from a progressive guy who gets questions everywhere he goes about his 9-3. No need to ask Fred if the 9-3 TiD should be brought into the US, that’s for sure!!

Check out Fred’s story here.

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