Edmunds and the 9-7x

Edmunds have finally done their review of the 9-7x.

Like many others, they appear to be pretty positive about the SUV. They have a video to go with the story as well, but EVERYONE must be watching it as I’m having a hard time getting it to load.


A little of whay they say:

A respectable Northern European sensibility kept the 9-7X’s four-door exterior free of busy side cladding and contours. Saab stylists didn’t have a clean sheet of paper to work with, so they did the next best thing: They gave the SUV a clean-sheet-of-paper look.

Saab also spent GM’s money crafting a legitimate family-resemblance front end, complete with the now familiar “three-port” grille. At the tail end, both companies cared enough to fashion a rear-end treatment that integrates (rather than avoiding or ignoring) the tailpipe.

Two other serious steps in style allow the 9-7X to hold court with other European SUVs. For the pure sake of cool, Saab shaved the GMT360 springs to lower the 9-7X by about an inch. Then, in a particularly wild, Friday-night-in-Stockholm kind of moment, the company polished each corner of the vehicle with standard 18-inch alloy wheels and lowish-profile 55-series tires — something you won’t find Land Rover, Porsche or even BMW doing…….

Is It a Saab?
Is this the SUV that Trollhattan would have come up with if left to its own calipers and CAD/CAM specs? No. But it is the SUV that Saab needs. Even with the midsize lux market holding its breath to see if the drop in big-SUV sales is a cold that the smaller SUVs are going to catch, it’s the SUV that Saab needs. Because without GM, Saab would be a ghost, talked about but dead, like Austin Healey, Packard and now, MG.

But is the 2006 Saab 9-7X a Saab? Well, folks, there are no hidden meanings. The 9-7X feels like a GM SUV that was brought to Sweden to get an infusion of legitimate Saab character, which — no surprise — is exactly what it is. And if you’re a Saab person, there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel proud driving the Saab/GM 9-7X. Because the alternative would be nostalgia


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