Finally!! A sales rise in the US!!!

OK, it seems like it was just 72 units, but 6% sounds better, doesn’t it?

The competition –

BMW up 3%
Volvo up 4%
Mercedes down 3%
Jaguar down 34%
Audi up 2%

Actually, having a second look at the figures, it seems like numbers actually went DOWN 72 units, but everyone’s writing it up as a rise.

Wishful thinking perhaps?

The next few months will be more interesting as 9-7x deliveries get added to the Saab figures. Speaking of which, as I write to you here, the 9-7x on Ebay is at $3,153 with several bids coming from commenters here and from SaabCentral.

EEEK!! Some guy named ‘turboswade’ just upped it to $5,000! Yikes!!! But he was instantly outbid. Price now at $5,081. Seems like Allan might be making a serious run here!!

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  1. Huh ??? Let’s look at this again:


    Car: 3,789 vs. 3,861, up 6 percent

    Vehicle: 3,836 vs. 3,861, up 8 percent


    Car: 14,307 vs. 15,385, down 6 percent

    Vehicle: 14,354 vs. 15,385, down 5 percent

    Assuming 9-2X (although unlisted) is considered a “non-car” (ie: crossover/SUV) hence the incremental differences between CAR and VEHICLE totals.

    Looking at just VEHICLE sales, for May actual sales are down 0.65% (not up 8% !).

    For YTD, VEHICLE sales are down 6.7% (not down 5% !).

    Whoever published the stats need to sharpen their pencils some more ………..

  2. A few comments.

    First, the 9-2X is included in car sales, not truck sales. The delta between the ‘car’ number and the ‘vehicle’ number is due to the sale of 47 9-7Xs in the month of May.

    Second, the apparently suspect math regarding the year-over-year increase for May is due to the fact that GM calculates the increase/decrease percentage based on the number of sales days in the month. May 2004 had 26 sales days and May 2005 had 24 sales days, therefore, even though overall volume for the month of May was down .65% the sales per sales day number was up 7.6% (159.8 vs. 148.5).

    Finally, there were 1,042 9-2Xs delivered in May. That’s nearly as many as the number delivered in all of the first four months of 2005 combined (1,184). It’s also over 58% of the total number of 9-2Xs delivered in all of 2004. Whoa!

  3. Thanks Alan for the extra insight. I wish the publishers of these sales articles would articulate that at the time (or maybe I should be wishing for more patience in reading through them!!)

    Those 9-2x figures are very, very encouraging. I didn’t see that level of detail anywhere. Where’d you get them?

  4. Wow, 1,042 9-2Xs just in May, that’s amazing. I actually find that hard to believe, it would work out to an average of 43 units per sale day. Even in all of US/Canada that sounds pretty high to me. Oh well but I’m not complaining …. the more they move them out of the showrooms the better for SAAB !

    Just curious, how many 9-2Xs have been sold since Day 1 (summer 2004) ?

  5. Ken, I’m not sure how we can track that, but I’d be interested to know too. I’ll look into it.

    Another interesting stat is that the rise noted in the report is May 05 vs May 04, which is fair enough as it compares apples with apples in terms of seasonal buying.

    BUT, if you take a peek from another point of view, the numbers for May 2005 also represent a rise of 20.86% over sales for April 2005. Not a bad increase for a month. Sales have increased every month this year by at least 20% per month with the exception of April, which was pretty much static compared to March.

    Next month will be interesting.

  6. Ken,

    From the GM Media site (AlanH’s link, above). Sales of the 9-2x in 2004 were 1788 units.

    Sales so far in 2005 total 2226 units.

    Total so far = 4014

  7. Thanks Swade ! Let’s hope the good news keep comin’

    Will try to go test drive the 9-7X at Lansdowne Saab next week šŸ˜€

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