First 9-7x review

Courtesy of The Detroit News, this is the first ‘review’ I’ve seen of the 9-7x. It ain’t a full blown road test, so don’t get too excited, but like all other reports based on actually seeing/driving the vehicle, it’s a positive reception. I’m just please to finally see a non-GM-publicity-photo of the car on the road.

The key snippets – improved interior design cues and an exterior remake that works quite well. Oh, and there’s this:

Most importantly, Saab engineers went to work on stiffening up the flabby underpinnings of the GMT360. The results, to judge by a test drive along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River are quite remarkable.

Go check it out.



Here’s another, from The Car Connection. They’re less complimentary than above citing it as too much of a sell-out to be a Saab.

If nothing else, the 9-7X is the best-equipped of GM’s mid-size utes. The 9-7X comes with stability control, leather seats, curtain airbags, a 275-watt Bose sound system with XM and a six-CD changer, and a choice of a power moonroof or a rear-seat DVD entertainment system.

But the 9-7X really needs to be more than just another GM ute. In fact, it needs to be something wholly closer to the Subaru Tribeca that, in fact, is supposed to spawn a 9-6X version for Saab in about a year. This is a step off the authenticity trail, not a step forward.

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  1. Looks good so far! I hate to say “Keep up the good work, GM!” because there is still much room for improvement, so instead I’ll go with “Don’t give up now, GM!”

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