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It leaves me confused as to why a dealer would offer a brand new car on Ebay. Publicity? Stirring up some interest? Surely they don’t expect to sell it anywhere close to the sticker price.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a 9-7x and you’re anywhere near Scottsdale, Arizona – this might be the deal you’ve been looking for.

It’s a brand new 9-7x Arc in silver with the V8, DVD player and a black leather interior.

I’m hanging out to know what the reserve is. (And if you buy it, tell ’em I sent you)



To those of you still pooh-poohing the 9-7x and it’s importance to Saab, consider this:

1) The first feedback that I’ve seen from a new 9-7x owner has been all-good. He and his family seem very happy with the purchase.

2) The market for Saabs in the US spanned around 40,000 or so vehicles last year. The market for SUV’s was around 4,000,000 vehicles. Just 1% of the SUV market looking at the 9-7x will double Saab’s interest factor over there. This model is that important, like it or not. Cheers to Mike Lynch (despite the questionable math).

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  1. I’ve seen them and another dealer trying to sell the 9-2x on eBay, but without any success that I can remember. Even though I hate SUVs, I really hope the 9-7x draws more interest.

  2. Well, I put in my bid, too. Won’t last long, I would guess.

    Some ‘mega-dealers’ will put cars like this (and the afore mentioned 9-2x) in the hopes of either a) liquidating inventory, or b) attracting buyers from outside their typical geography. Volume, volume, volume.

    A friend of mine recently flew to New Orleans from Nashville (one-way only about $80) for a heavily discounted Honda minivan that was about $800 less than he could get it around here in Nashville. He found the dealer on eBay.

  3. i guess the dealer is hoping the winning bidder is willing to pay more than the $40k msrp. it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  4. Well, it looks like you and I are battling it out eggsngrits. I am winning right now, but I am sure you will catch up :).

  5. Autoprophet, that’s too big a big question to answer here in comments. And it sort of sounds like you’ve got an answer of your own, too.

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