GM may keep the good times rolling

Today is my second full day without smoking.

Now for the good news:


For those of you that can’t decide about buying that new car during the “GM Employee Discount for Everyone” promotion, well, it looks like GM are going to give you a little breathing room.

The Detroit Free Press writes that the promotion may be extended until the end of July.

“The reaction to the program has been, to this point, way beyond what we thought,” said Mark LaNeve, GM’s North American sales and marketing chief……….”We’re considering it. We’d be crazy not to. Our dealers really want us to. But we haven’t made that decision,” LaNeve said. A decision would be made based on a review of GM’s inventory and wouldn’t likely be reached until the end of the current program.

This could be really good for the 9-7x, given the early troubles there were with invoicing etc. Here’s hoping that it does get extended.

If you’re keen to know how much you’d save on your new Saab, there’s a table here that’ll give you all the numbers.

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  1. Congratulations (on the smoking). Don’t give up! Think about all the extra money you will have left, that used to be sued on cigarettes, that you can now use on beer! Or pimping your ride.

  2. Thanks AP. I assume when you say “don’t give up” that you’re not pleading with me to keep smoking. Today will be the hard one. In the office for 8 hours, boring as all heck and no smoko to break it up. I think I’ll have to take a few walks.

    Feeling OK so far though.

    Kudos for getting a link from Fastlane the other week. Your traffic must have gone through the roof!!

  3. I meant don’t give up giving up.

    Getting linked by Fastlane was unexpected, and way cool. However, I get more links when I put up a Carnival of Cars, and Glenn Reynolds links to me. Then I get several thousand hits in one day, and that continues for a few days.

    I haven’t had time to do a CoC lately… do you want to volunteer to compile one?

  4. AP,

    Haven’t seen this CoC thing. Forgive me. Perhaps you could leave me a link and I’ll check it out. I checked your site (not archives tho)but couldn’t find it there either.

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