I bought a 96!!!

Having successfully navigated 2.5 days of nicotine-free existence (this site may have to be renamed nicoblog), I thought it was time to treat myself to keep the motivation up.

So I bought a car. Not just any car, but a famous car in the scheme of Saab’s heritage – a 96. Erik Carlsson won two Monte Carlo rallies in a 96, but unfortunately a nice red 96 was out of my price range.

So, for the princely sum of A$32.95 (who needs Ebay), I have my very own Saab 96, pictured here in the garage with my magnificent 9-3 Sports Sedan. Click to enlarge


Note: Upon second glance, it looks as if the car has no wheels. I can assure all and sundry that it does have wheels and it also has mirrors, though I’m yet to stick them on (for some reason they don’t come attached).

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