I just received this photo via comments. Any ideas??


Well, first up, the 9-5 doesn’t currently come with a 1.9 diesel (according to the UK Saab site). Secondly, that ain’t a current 9-5 rear end. This is:


Can I go out on a limb and suggest that someone out there in cyberspace has had the good grace to drop me a clear-as-day photo of the yet-to-be-released 9-5 facelift, taken at the Saab Festival in Sweden a week or so ago? Here’s the rear-end spyshots we’ve already seen:



Now I don’t know about you, but I think the shot at the top and this second one here look awfully similar!!!!!

The same shot appears to have been uploaded over at SC. I’d have to add to the consesus opinion there and say this doesn’t look like a positive re-modelling of what is a pretty superb and underrated car. Scroll back up and compare the current and proposed rear-ends again. One looks a whole lot more ‘vanilla’ than the other.

Kudos and a big hat-tip to Floris.

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  1. I doubt we see a production model with all red lenses at the back like that. You’ve got to have a white lens somewhere for backing lights and the european cars often shine a yellow light for turning through the same lens.

    Not saying it’s not possible, shine a white light through a red lens and you still get mostly white light, just saying I’m still a little skeptical.

  2. How sad. Is this is how they see the 95 at GM, or did it wander into the Pontiac design studio?

    SAAB design has a language of motifs and sculptural elements that the original 95 design (Catagani?) and the 2002 facelift understood.

    I hope it’s not the final design

  3. All i have to say is F@&K you GM I would rather see saab go bankrupt then see GM destroy the name we have all come to love.


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