Long weekend musings

Hey all,

As I write it’s a Monday night at the end of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. A fine one it’s been too. I did my first ever work with fibreglass today, having a shot at repairing my busted roof liner in the 99. It broke near the front, where the hole is for the sunroof. I’m hoping a few fibreglass sheets will give it the strength to hold together. I’ll also have to do some filling in where some other old pieces broke off. These linings are pretty brittle once they get a few years under their belt.

I also fitted a new turbo intake pipe onto the 99 yesterday. The one that was there had this plastic Bosch blow-off valve drilled into it, but a piece had busted off the top. The new pipe went on very easy and the turbo actually feels like it’s boosting a bit better now.

I was hoping to have a crack at fitting the new/old Alpine stereo and CD changer that i picked up a few weeks ago, but time ran out.

The reason: Forza.

Yes, we got our copy of the first racing game to feature a Saab in the lineup. The Viggen was the first car I bought. The two young lads in the house couldn’t understand why I didn’t get something faster, but they’re young, they’ll come around. I managed to mod the Viggen to a point of total domination and they seem a little more content with my decision now.


Ken’s posted his thoughts on the possible future Saab lineup and if you’re a reader here you know I’ve posted mine several times (I probably need to do an real update actally, instead of a link). In related matters, Pavel has queried what makes Saab what it is. This is a question I’ve danced with here on several occasions, but never really tackled.

I’m going to give that some ponderance overnight and get on the job tomorrow morning.

All and sundry are always welcome to leave thoughts on the subject, or any other for that matter, in comments. If it doesn’t appear right away it’s because I have to approve most of them before they appear.

Off to it, then. What makes Saab the distinct entity that it is??


Oh yeah,

Eggs, this NBA Finals series would have been waaaaay different if only for one injury to Dwyane Wade.

Now, it’s the Spurs in a sweep.

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  1. Dang! Now I have to go buy an XBox and Forza!!

    I am a bit dissapointed to see it’s only a 2002 model though. Don’t they know how much better the 2003 model is!

  2. Yes, I agree about the sweep. The Pistons are having trouble with the Spurs in the 2nd quarter of the 3rd game as I write this. If the Pistons can’t pull away at home, they’re in trouble.

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