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Hi all,

Been almost a record 3 days since I’ve posted something here!! Not much happening in the Saabosphere I guess.

I had a good weekend. I saw the final Star Wars episode and finally answered the question as to why Darth Vader was so much taller than Hayden Christiansen. I also replaced some bulbs on the 9000 and window wipers on both the 9000 and the 99 in preparation for the winter here (6 days in and it’s very, very cold today). Finally, I managed to ingest a steak the size of a small housebrick in celebration of

a) securing my promotion at work,
b) my stepdaughter selling her house, and
c) my wife becoming an Aussie citizen


In a brief look around the sphere, the 9-7x on Ebay is at $30,100 as at the time of writing, but alas the reserve still hasn’t been reached. 2 days and 17 hours to go.

Australian viewers might be interested in the 2 9000 Aeros listed on the Aussie Ebay site. One’s a very nice silver model, and the other is a black one (Darth Vader model??). I’ve tried talking Mrs Swade into the benefits of a lovely silver Aero, but so far she’s having none of it.


There’s been a bit of Saabnet complaining going around too. I’ve had the odd run-in with Saabnet’s “Wizard of Oz”, Scott Paterson, and can assure you that where it says “please understand that the only way to lose access privileges is to do something very seriously wrong here” – this ain’t exactly true. The frequency with which I’ve been hearing of people being banned seems to be rising too. Maybe he’s getting a bit rickety in his advancing years.

Saabnet’s a great site for what it is and I’ve met many fantastic enthusiasts there, including Scott himself, who have great cars and are passionate about the brand. Those qualities aren’t mutually exclusive to Saabnet however, and I think it’s a little arrogant and narrow-minded of Scott to presume it’s OK to censor the people he doesn’t necessarily agree with. Some of those banned are great Saab people. I’ve had some wonderful dealings with several people that have been banned from Saabnet and they’re all enthusiasts, have all been respectful here and have all proven themselves insightful and helpful.

It’s his site though. I understand why he runs Saabnet the way he does. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. If you want to have your own voice, setting up a blog (like this one) is the easiest way to go. Blogger is probably the most easily accessible service for a newbie, though if you don’t mind spending a couple of bucks a month, Typepad is definitely the way to go (and it’s the service I used for my old site).

Thankfully, there are also other forums out there. My preference is for SaabCentral, but there’s also the The Saab Link and Saabscene – all are worthy of your visit. Many Saab Car Clubs also have their own forums. I’ve got links to a bunch of clubs on the sidebar, though if you are a member of a car club that’s not listed, let me know in comments and I’ll post your club’s link.

Maybe I’ve burned a bridge in this post. I don’t know. I’m a big boy though, and I’d be more than willing to sit down with Scott over a decent steak and discuss the pros and cons of website administration. Despite the fact that I probably won’t be welcome at Saabnet anymore whatsoever after posting this, all Saabnet users are welcome here, and you’re also welcome to state your disagreement in comments – I promise you won’t be banned just for disagreeing with me or even for posting an extra link back to Saabnet.

And Scott, don’t get ‘shitty’ with me for saying any of this. There isn’t a single thing here that’s not already in the public domain, OK?

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  1. The pity is that Saabnet has the bulk of the activity — I guess that Scott’s done something right over the years. Perhaps he’ll change, and get a better search engine in the process (hey, Scott — you can at least implement Google!!).

    Congrats on the good stuff — and Ms. Wade, I sincerely recommend the 9000 Aero.

  2. I was banned from Saabnet for asking everyone what they thought of the Mazda3. In the resulting exchange with Scott, he proved himself to be inconsistent and unreasonable. Not much that can be done when you deal with someone who will not choose a set of rules and stick to them.

  3. Well we think you’re doing just a fine job, Swade ….. a “fair dinkum” as some folks would say 😉

    Before SCWC I knew nothing about facilitating a forum nor any of the DO’s and DONT’s of being a web admin/list moderator. But I think success at the job comes down to having a healthy dosage of common sense, discernment and a sense of humour. If nothing else, humour helps in all situations although not all folks interpret (intended) humour the same way !

    Speaking of which, it’s time to send a new reminder to SCWC-ers to check out TrollhattanSaab



  4. Thanks for the positivity, gents.

    I think what Saabnet has going for it is logevity. It’s a familiar place to a lot of people. Like the local pub. Similar to a lot of computerised ventures, Scott just got in first and stuck with it and people go there because that’s where they’re used to going.

    The rise in popularity for richer services such as SC is evidence that people aren’t worried about trying out other places, and Scott’s philosophies on web admin are losing him some readers.

    The thing that irks me the most is that a lot of the people I’ve come accross that have been barred from contributing there are genuine Saab people. I can’t contribute there as he won’t allow links to any other sites he deems as a competitor. I know of several others including regulars here (hi Ken) that have been banned as well for whatever reason.

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. I guess when you’ve got 16 bazillion hits a minute a few less don’t matter.

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