Oh, Saabo

Most of you probably know that Saab made a caravan back in the 60’s. It’s about time I posted on the subject.

How cool do these babies look??

Click to enlarge. Original sourced from here.

They’re pretty rare to say the least and scouring the web indicates you’re more likely to see one in Sweden than anywhere else. There’s possibly a few in the US (I know Tom Donney‘s got one – oops, had one) and the rest of continental Europe, but us antipodeans can only look at the pixels and imagine.

Click to enlarge. Original pic sourced here.

Notice the big windows front and back? That’s so you could see right through from the rear-view mirror. Those Swedes! Always thinking, huh?

There’s not a whole heap of info out there (in English) about the Saabo, but I did manage to look this up on Wiki:

SAABO was a caravan produced from 1964 to 1968, by Saab. The SAABO caravan (camper/travel trailer) was manufactured in Ljunga, outside Norrköping. The project was started by Bo Bjernekull of the Ljunga plant and Birger Lindberg at SAAB in Linköping. Officially they were working on a project called MEFAN that was supposed to produce hovercrafts for the military. After making a model in 1:10 scale they received the OK for production.

The first prototypes were made without brakes, but these were soon added. It was important to keep the weight down as the caravan would be used with automobiles with as little as 25 hp, like the two stroke Saab 96. Despite the small size they were designed to accommodate a family of four. The design was made with two half shells of fibreglass enclosing an insulation of folded cardboard. The SAABO had large, low set front and rear windows so the driver of the towing vehicle could look right through it in the rear view mirror. At least 438 SAABOs were made.

Total length: 3,60 m
Width: 1,84 m
Height: 2,10 m
Inner height: 1,80 m
Weight: 230 kg

Cardboard insulation? Cool (literally).

As well as all these classic pics, I also sourced a great little videoclip. You can see the Saabo on the road behind a beautiful 96. The video is on the Swedish Saabforum site and really is worth a quick peek. Get to it by clicking here.

Tom Donney has a whole heap more Saabo picures here
, go check em out. Love that lampshade!!!

Saabo2.jpg click to enlarge.

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  1. Many thanks Swade, that video of the SAABO is great. I’ve been meaning to ask though, why can’t I post with Firefox anymore, I have to use IE6? With Firefox, when I hit the comments link, I get:


    You don’t have permission to access /archives/2005/06/for_sale_or_res.html on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Apache/1.3.33 Server at http://www.trollhattansaab.net Port 80

  2. Hey Swade….

    Some of those pictures are of my Saabo.

    I bought one, a ’67 from Tom Donney last summer.

    I use it for camping!

    It is towed by OLBLUE, the ’68 95.

    towed the Saabo @ 2500 miles at least last summer…

    See many other pictures of my Saabo in action at this link…


    It will travel to VT for the US Saab Owners convention this August.

    There are 2 in the US, mine and Tom Donney’s other Saabo.

    Happy Saabing!


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