Saab epicentre to be in Sweden

Designing the Sport Hatch Concept.

Yet another instance where the Aussie time zone has delayed me posting a great new development. Cheers to Ken and Edu for the tip.

The following was released by GM this morning:

……GM Europe will also establish a global Saab Brand Center in Sweden. This will be the epicenter of the Saab brand and will house a strategic design team that will concentrate on Saab-specific design.

“From a designer’s perspective, Saab has such a rich history to build upon,” said Nesbitt. “Therefore, we plan to ensure that future Saabs maintain this DNA, accentuating their aircraft heritage and the Scandinavian design aesthetics that have helped Saab challenge the mainstream for nearly 60 years.”

In addition to Saab designers, the Saab Brand Center will house a core team of engineers and marketers who will work in close collaboration to develop, evolve and maintain the Saab brand character in all areas – from developing future product proposals to ensuring consistent communication across the globe.

“The sole focus of Saab’s new Brand Center is to create an environment where Saab specialists can focus specifically on what makes Saab unique and, therefore, help ensure we maintain these qualities in everything we do: design, engineering, marketing communications and more,” said Forster.

Nothing but good news here. This announcement coincides with the establishment of a new European design headquarters in Russelsheim. The Saab facility, as mentioned, will tie in with the new Russelsheim HQ, but will concentrate on the development of Saab engineering, design, branding and marketing.

One interesting thing for me was the contact at the bottom of the press release – none other than Steve Janisse, our quotee from the other day, who said that Saab wanted to remain a small player in order to keep a close relationship with customers. Glad to see you’re still on board, Steve.

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